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Website Design – Why WordPress?

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Website Design – Why WordPress?

WordPress is the Platform of Choice for many Web Design Agencies But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It – Let’s Look at the Statistics…

  • WordPress is the most popular website platform globally.
  • It is estimated that right now (November 2019) 75,000,000 websites are built on the WordPress platform.
  • WordPress powers 35% of the web (November 2019).
  • Half of the top million websites (by traffic) in the world are built using WordPress including NBC, CNN, Sony Music, Etsy, Ted and Reuters.
  • And we could go on…

So Why is WordPress the Platform of Choice for so many Web Design Agencies?

  1. WordPress is Scalable. You can start off with a small 5-page website and grow your site as large as you want it. WordPress websites can easily add pages as required and handle large volumes of traffic.
  2. WordPress is Flexible. A WordPress site can change as you need it. Your web design agency can add functionality easily with hundreds of wordpress plug-ins that provide out of the box website functionality.  Thousands of WordPress functionalities already exist and can be easily added to your site with a plug in. If you can think of it there is a good chance that wordpress already has a plug-in solution.
  3. Easy to Edit and Maintain. It is imperative that you can easily update content on your website. WordPress websites have an easy to use content management system that make text updates quick and easy from any device connected to the internet without any coding knowledge. If you can use Microsoft Word then you should be able to edit a WordPress website with minimum training. Other website platforms are not as easy to use and will require your website developer to make changes to your website which can be expensive and time consuming.
  4. You can Easily Change Your Website Provider. WordPress is the most popular website platform and because of this almost all developers will be able to make development changes to a WordPress website. If you custom design a website it is possible you are tying yourself to the developers that developed that site.
  5. WordPress is Secure. A WordPress website should be regularly upgraded including all plugins. Once you regularly upgrade a wordpress site security is high. The good news is that WordPress upgrades are quick and easy to do. If in the unfortunate situation your wordpress website is hacked the issue is easier to resolve than with some of the other popular website platforms.

So now you know why WordPress is our platform of choice. Try it and you will see what we mean. If you have a project you will like to discuss we would be happy to listen to your brief in full and give you a full proposal on how we could help your business grow with an easy to maintain WordPress site. Contact us at info@themarketingpod.ie

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