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SEO Tutorial

Domain Address

If you are looking to optimise a site in Ireland you should have an Irish domain address. | e.g. www.seoirelandpod.ie

If you are looking to optimise a site to an international audience then you should have a .com address | e.g. www.seoirelandpod.com

It is much easier to rank on Google.ie with an Irish website address.

Contact your hosting company and ask them to change your website address.

Make sure that if you are changing your website domain address that you redirect the old website into the new one.

Note: If your website is already ranking well leave as is. If you are starting an SEO campaign and you have a website not ranking well then change.

Your Homepage.

  • Information on your website needs to be easy for user to find.
  • If possible keep all information on your website no more than 2 clicks from the homepage.
  • Your top navigation should include your most important keywords if possible.
  • Your homepage should include some text that includes your keywords.
  • Homepage is the page that Google uses to understand your most important keywords so pay attention to the keywords on this page.

Site Content.

  • Target no more than 2 keywords per page.
  • Create approximately 3 paragraphs of text per page
  • The days of stuffing keywords into your website text to help them rank are long gone. You are looking for a keyword density of 2-3%. This means mention a keyword 2 or 3 times for every 100 words.
  • Only use original and unique content. Content copied from another site or anywhere else online is penalised by Google under the duplicate content rule.
  • Do not duplicate content eve within your own site. Every page should have its own unique content.

What are Meta Tags?

  • When you search for a keyword in Google you are given a title and description of a website. You can determine what description is visible of your company using meta-title and meta description.
  • In most modern websites you can access the meta tags through your content management system.
  • Your meta tags and meta tags are what tells Google what your website is about and is one of the most important SEO factors.